Wednesday, January 16, 2013

*Things to Look Forward To*

Here are a few things that I have found and have decided would be FUN to incorporate into our book club.

1. No Cell Phone basket: I think this sounds like a great way to have us 'unplug' and get to know each other. Of course they will be in eye sight in case of emergency. We will be having so much FUN, you won't miss it.

2. Book Quiz: I saw this on a sight where everyone pitches in a dollar and the host (me) uses the money to buy a fun little gift. The person who does BEST on the quiz will get the prize! (if there is a tie, we will draw for it) The gift may differ, but a Barnes and Noble gift card for the next book may be perfect!

3. I am going to have journals for everyone to take home after the first meeting. If you can't be here for the first meeting, let me know. I want to make sure you get your journal before the next meeting. It will have a few tips, discussion ideas, etc. inside to guide us.

4. I am starting a binder. The binder will have different things for the book like the quiz, questions, author information, etc. This can always be used as a reference. I have everything electronic too, so I can add it to the blog for other people to enjoy or be inspired.

5. Just a few other fun things that I have in store...



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