Saturday, December 8, 2012

Book Choices

Here are the books on the poll. I have shown a picture of the book and the link to find a review and more information. Then you can make your choice!

1. Water for Elephants

2. Gone Girl 

3.What Alice Forgot 

4. In The Shadows of the Banyan

Check them out.
Cast your vote!


Let the Reading...BEGIN!

I want to send a warm welcome to those who are joining in on the fun! I am so excited to get started. I love to read but feel I need motivated to do so some times. I think this will help me read more. I am going to start put a poll on the side of the blog. I want you to check out the books (via Amazon or a brief description on google) and choose which one you would like to START with. This doesn't mean we won't read the others. We need a starting book. I have looked up a few new-to-the-scene books. I want to vary our reading, but I am a sucker for Chic-Lit. 

I was hoping to get together one time BEFORE we start the first book for a small get together (food included), get to know each other a bit more, and come up with some ideas for the future. After reading online about book clubs, I was encouraged. Many said that they have been 'together' as a club for 10+ years! It made me more excited to get started. 

1. I think the book club will be social and 'academic'. I really do want to read and make connections, but I don't want it to be stuffy. If we have other things to talk about that day... so be it. 

2. I want to try to read different styles of writing. I think that is where you come in! Help me branch out with any books you think will be fun to read. 

3. Invite your friends! I think it would be fun to grow in size and meet new people. Just let me know if you are bringing a friend so I can prepare. 

4. As for meeting... I was thinking ONE time a month. I was also thinking like a Saturday early evening. (Girl's Night In?) Anyway.. that is obviously up to us. We can all figure that out. YOU don't need to come to every meeting, but I am sure you wouldn't want to miss it... 

5. I am willing to hold the meetings at my house. I live in Delaware, so it isn't too far for everyone. We could also meet at a restaurant...but I think that would limit our ability to be loud, laugh, and really have fun! (We could also meet at other member a rotation)

6. Food. Who doesn't love food. I think that we could easily have a sign-up sheet for a month to bring the snacks. Try out a pinterest recipe to share! 

7. Keeping in Touch: Well.. there is the blog, I will make a valiant effort to keep it updated. I will also keep in touch via email, facebook, and text (if you want). I am flexible. 

8. I will keep a journal type portfolio of all the readings, questions etc. It may be on the blog (so that other book clubs can find it and maybe find it helpful)

9. I saw a GREAT idea on a website. A book club takes 'dues' and then they donate the dues to either buy books for schools, give to libraries, etc. I think that is a great idea and I would love to give back. 

10. We are going to READ.QUESTION.DISCUSS.LEARN.GROW. through our reading! I am so excited to get started. 

(this list was adapted from