Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First Meeting SUCCESS!

Well... we had our FIRST meeting EVER tonight! I am happy to say that we had a fabulous turnout! Before I show pictures and explain what we did, I wanted to say that it was so wonderful to spend time with these ladies, talk about the book and life. I am so excited for next month!

((I have been prepping for this day for a while... and with no pinterest help about a Gone Girl MENU, I had to be creative!))

Here are some pictures and captions. Enjoy! Maybe we will see YOU next time! :)

The Book of Choice and the PRIZE!

-The Bar- Beer Tasting

-Command Post- Breakfast Bar
 -The Bar- popcorn snack
-The Bar- pub mix
       -The Bar- peanuts
 -Anniversary Dinner- Lobster Cakes
 -Shawna Kelly's Casserole for Nick-
 *Book Club Banner*
 *Beer Tasting...*
 *Fun times had by all!*
 *Liz Tasting* (the big cup of beer is all of our NASTY leftovers hehe)
 *Liz did the BEST on the quiz! She won a small mp3 player and perfume*
 Beer Tasting=fun but disgusting!
 Not Impressed...
*Our Journals for our FIRST meeting*

To all of those who came, thank you! To those far away, wish you were here... To those who just couldn't make it this time, see you in February!

Next post will have the links to vote for the new February book! Be sure to VOTE!!!



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