Saturday, December 8, 2012

Let the Reading...BEGIN!

I want to send a warm welcome to those who are joining in on the fun! I am so excited to get started. I love to read but feel I need motivated to do so some times. I think this will help me read more. I am going to start put a poll on the side of the blog. I want you to check out the books (via Amazon or a brief description on google) and choose which one you would like to START with. This doesn't mean we won't read the others. We need a starting book. I have looked up a few new-to-the-scene books. I want to vary our reading, but I am a sucker for Chic-Lit. 

I was hoping to get together one time BEFORE we start the first book for a small get together (food included), get to know each other a bit more, and come up with some ideas for the future. After reading online about book clubs, I was encouraged. Many said that they have been 'together' as a club for 10+ years! It made me more excited to get started. 

1. I think the book club will be social and 'academic'. I really do want to read and make connections, but I don't want it to be stuffy. If we have other things to talk about that day... so be it. 

2. I want to try to read different styles of writing. I think that is where you come in! Help me branch out with any books you think will be fun to read. 

3. Invite your friends! I think it would be fun to grow in size and meet new people. Just let me know if you are bringing a friend so I can prepare. 

4. As for meeting... I was thinking ONE time a month. I was also thinking like a Saturday early evening. (Girl's Night In?) Anyway.. that is obviously up to us. We can all figure that out. YOU don't need to come to every meeting, but I am sure you wouldn't want to miss it... 

5. I am willing to hold the meetings at my house. I live in Delaware, so it isn't too far for everyone. We could also meet at a restaurant...but I think that would limit our ability to be loud, laugh, and really have fun! (We could also meet at other member a rotation)

6. Food. Who doesn't love food. I think that we could easily have a sign-up sheet for a month to bring the snacks. Try out a pinterest recipe to share! 

7. Keeping in Touch: Well.. there is the blog, I will make a valiant effort to keep it updated. I will also keep in touch via email, facebook, and text (if you want). I am flexible. 

8. I will keep a journal type portfolio of all the readings, questions etc. It may be on the blog (so that other book clubs can find it and maybe find it helpful)

9. I saw a GREAT idea on a website. A book club takes 'dues' and then they donate the dues to either buy books for schools, give to libraries, etc. I think that is a great idea and I would love to give back. 

10. We are going to READ.QUESTION.DISCUSS.LEARN.GROW. through our reading! I am so excited to get started. 

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